Are you moving to the cloud?

Personally, I’ve been interested in the cloud for several years and I would like to hear what others think.  I have been around long enough to have seen the emergence of PCs, the Internet and web applications, virtualized data centers, and most recently, the cloud.  Each one of these major shifts has occurred faster than the previous I presume that will not change going forward.  When it comes to the cloud, seriously, how do you compete with the economics of the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and others?  InfoWorld just published an interview with Chris Drumgoole, the COO of GE IT, who claims to have gone north of 90% in the cloud!  He is far from alone in going all in for the cloud, but this is GE after-all, not Foursquare or Airbnb.

So what are your thoughts?  How do you decide when to move something (or everything) to the cloud?  What barriers do you see?


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