On-Premises versus Cloud Infographic

A few weeks ago I found an infographic showing how the use of Cloud Computing can provide advantages over the traditional on-premise data center and it got me thinking.  While Cloud Computing is certainly not the answer for everyone and not the answer for all computational use cases, every day the cloud continues to evolve into a stronger and more compelling business case.  I would compare the evolution of cloud computing to similar transformations like the move from mainframes to open systems or the move from physical infrastructure to virtual, with each successive transformation moving fast than the last.  Thanks Gordon Moore!

While I liked the infographic I found, I also felt it was not complete and didn’t tell enough of the story, so I decided to create my own below.  Click on the image to see the full sized PDF.  Now help me out with your feedback.  How would you change this infographic to help tell a more complete story?  Any negatives or watch-outs?

Cloud Iceberg


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